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vintagediaryThank you for visiting this blog.  Times between with Michelene got started when realised that my consulting website and red tent page really don’t provide me with a space to record and share many important aspects of my life.    Those sites are pretty focused on what I sell or provide freely as a service.  Here, on the Times Between blog I have an opportunity to record, share and through the writing here, learn from those many moments in life that often pass by unnoticed.

I have described in the post,  The Times Between, those seemingly insignificant moments between the big events of our lives.  Most often we spend lots of money, effort and attention on those momentous occasions and pay little attention to the times between.

In sharing my own thoughts during the Times Between, there may be things you can identify with too.  I have learned so much from other peoples’ sharing whether it was through a book, a movie or a Facebook post and I deeply appreciated it.  There is tremendous power for healing and for growth when we find connection with others.

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  1. I am migrating back to wordpress after a long time of being all over and on some pretty useless (very pretty and very useless) blogs. So forgive the speed posting, double posts and blanks on the menu. thanks for connecting though – will visit you soon as I have done some house keeping!


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