The times between …

The times between have always fascinated me so much.  It was in my early twenties when I watched a movie which opened with this quote,

“My mother wrote everything down.

She said that life was a series of events

but the times between the events

is what gave meaning to the events …”

Twenty  five years later I still find myself pondering on those words.  More than pondering on the words I find myself between events a lot.  Perhaps my life occupies more of the between spaces and has less events than others. Perhaps I am just one who reflects deeply and notices the between  times more than others do.  Perhaps motherhood makes one that much more conscious to the times between.

There are moments when I love the between times.  I have the time to reflect, settle into the comfort of the routine and find rest while the mundane perpetuates.  I even feel blessed and celebrate the long moments of pause which allow for inner work and reflection.  My pace is slower and my desire to control is particularly happy with the idea that I know exactly how things are going to be later and tomorrow morning.

There are moments when I just cannot cope with the frustration of the times between.  I start noticing wrinkles and wonder how and why life is just evading me.  I need a motivational speaker to get dressed.  The between times are that much harder when you work from home and exist in isolation for days.  I normally know I am losing the plot when I develop dreadlocks.  I become quite desperate for an event – some sign from the universe that I have not been forsaken.

And then an event happens and I am overjoyed with a meaningful happening of some kind.  I suddenly find the energy and the desire to clean things and sort stuff.  As I do these tasks the muddle in my head also gets sorted and a new kind of clarity arrives.  I am back in orbit and I have my own little place in the Milky Way.

And then it all gets too much and I long for the between times and the lazy days where I get to drift off out of orbit and hang!  I ponder on all kinds of things in that space.  The ponderings and the day dreaming create an odd kind of structure of their own.  A structure and depth that add a richness to the events and occasions making them all together wonderful!

Like all of us I cross over from event to the between times and then to more events.  This blog is where I record those times between and cross overs!

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