About Michelene


BubblesFrom my matric farewell notes to my middle age recommendations, BUBBLES and FIZZ is how I am most described!

An intellectual who loves learning, a spiritual who wonders off into all kinds of imaginings and a caregiver who cant help herself when it comes to nurturing.  My personality tests liken me most to Merlin and Mufasa of the Lion King.  I am definitely a creatrix and yes my study is a clutter much like a gypsy caravan.

I have serious middle child syndrome and chose as a career – Peacemaker.  I do lots of learning and development, change management and transformational work.  I am eternally grateful to have always been present to my vocation throughout adult life. I am strongly guided in my work by intuition – one of the positive aspects of having a sensitive soul.  Everybody I know thinks I should be a writer but I don’t know about that … I ended up training, teaching and lecturing and I the teacher in me loves it.

Cinnamon, copper kettles and custard can bribe me easily … while henna paintings, belly dance and colourful saris clearly reveal my past life wanderings and affections.  Dolphins and whales are all time favourates and never cease to restore my soul. Eagles, porcupines and butterflies are among my totems.  Board games are my absolute best thing although I exhaust myself as I get quite hysterical and always offend the quiet souls and missionaries!  My brothers … now both adults … still believe I can cast a spell!

The youtube video so describes me

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