Where to find me

fantasy path

The links below will take you to some of the other places I spend my time and efforts ~

Linked In professional information provides a CV type account of my story

My website is a work in progress.  Just the way I like it so there is enough room for all the magic.  You will find loads of magic on all my sites!  It has been a time of adventure and personal growth.   My contact details for work purposes can be found there.


The Harem Echad – Red Tent South Africa website is dedicated to the work I do with women.

Pinterest has a couple of boards I love working on from time to time.  I almost never get to all the stuff I have pinned but I love knowing its pinned!

I have another blog on wordpress  Petals on the Path which will be more focused on the journeys of self love, healing, forgiveness and shadow work.  I have been on the road formally for 24 years.  Having worked in the NGO community on matters of healing and transformation I have been fortunate to be exposed to these subjects – both the knowledge and experience thereof.  The personal experience has brought tremendous learning which I share on the other blog.  I often wonder what my journey would have been like had I had the guides I have now.  The wondering is really a desire I had then.  I have chosen to be what I so desired then!

And be sure to visit my Fairy Gardens in Cape Town.  My inner child is fully expressed there and she would love for you to come and play.

Thanks for stopping by!


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