The Wonder of Life, is in the First Step

A few days ago I wrote a post called “You took that post right out of blog”. In it I referred to the post I am meaning to write and will show up in three days. Here it is. I said that the writer is a stranger but I know him. Those words have manifested in this post!


The wonder of life, is  in the first step. There is no predefined rules for life, as you move on the path, you create your own rules. Certainly a definite process of life does exist, but you can choose your own path, to reach to that process of life.

Once you understand the process of life, you simply drop your understanding, and simply follow the natural process of life. Life is an open gateway in every moment.

To become one with the natural process of life, is the goal, but the path to the goal is different for everyone. Life is all about understanding, and each one understands things, in its own way.

One person understanding, can take him through one path, while other one prefers the different path. The experiences and impressions of life, comes out of probability. Sometimes, the cause doesn’t derives its effect in the moment, as…

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