The Universe Within …

I remember a time when I prayed earnestly. I recall thinking that the harder I prayed and the more exhausted I felt afterward the more noble and praiseworthy I was. It does seem quite silly now but at that time it was all quite serious. My prayers were filled with lots of words which often referred to some or other form of power. I recall how much of a burden it was to keep the “quiet times” which were terribly important for my self righteous arrogance. The more I kept the rules, the better I would be or something like that.

In all that time I remember trying to connect with something outside of me. It required huge amounts of effort and there were always many reasons for my lack of achieving the connection. I linked up with countless groups who I believed would assist me in my desire to connect with whatever was out there.

The peaceful resting of this path is a welcome relief to the striving that has gone before. The search for what is out there and the great strife to achieve it no longer drains me of energy. The more I rest the more I find. The more I trust the more I let go. The less I speak the more I am heard. The tiredness of yesterday has given way to a youthful energy to explore and create. To say I am returning to nature is not quite right for in many ways she has returned to me. As she returns to me my own nature is restored.

My prayers ascend like a melody inside me for I have found that all I yearned for exists in abundance within. All the wonder and vastness out there is all that I am made of. Many smiles and grins are shining on my face these days. Everyday coincidences present themselves so wonderfully. I find myself in the midst of wonderful conspiracies. The sound of geese echo into the still night sky and I know my prayer songs extend beyond the horizon. A simple gaze at the moon reminds me of the mysteries and magic within.

Art | Magickal graphics

First published 25 September 2013


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