Conscious Engagement – never wasted, never lost!

CONSCIOUS ENGAGEMENT is never ever wasted. I had to prepare a summary of what I do for a brochure of a conference I will be speaking at. I speedily typed it up and then read through for typos. I paused when I read the line “Ms Benson engages extensively with the global community to strengthen the work in South Africa.” In that moment I realised that every effort on this and that meeting enables me to speak. Every message and comment from you flavours my words. All the teleconferences I attend at EST with burning, scratchy eyes informs me of the world work. The connections I have in India and Israel, California and Norway, to name but a few, all come together in an intricate web which supports and informs.

For the many times I asked myself WHY DO I DO THIS? – I had an answer. Conscious engagement is never wasted and in spirituality nothing is ever lost. The seeds I scattered over the past while had blossomed behind me. Wondering what I had to offer, I glanced over my shoulder and I was greeted by a glorious orchard.

Yesterday on a global teleconference a woman said something to the effect of – work hard and make sure you are found working. My sisters, I share this encouragement with you. Though your blooms may not sprout immediately, know that in the fullness of time you will see your labour transformed. If you dance, keep dancing. If you serve, keep serving. If you write, keep writing. In all things pursue it consciously, freely and with love for only then will it return to you as a joy and a celebration. Only then will you recognise your seed.

First published 31 October 2013

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